You’re Unprofessional, They said.

Back in the days, someone once told me I’m unprofessional.

I took it hard, then, and I thought they were right; that it’s my bad. I should have tried harder, done a better job, went an extra mile to prove them wrong. Although, I already did all that, and more.

But later, life happened… I’ve been here and there. I’ve met new people, had more experiences, got my heart broken.. I simply grew up.

Ultimately, God proves you wrong. He shows you how you’ve belittled yourself, how you’ve forgotten it’s worth, that people can be wrong about you: you’ve done your all. He sends little packs of blessings; a prayer, a thank you note, a kind gesture from a trusted friend, etc., to push you forward and allow you to embrace life.

Trust these signs, and indulge them. Have faith that there’s a bigger world out there; larger than your mind, your prespectives, and beliefs.

Know that you always reap what you sow. It’s never too late. Good things will happen to you, only if you believe you deserve them and do your best.

These are not words of an NLP mimic.

I’ve lived, and breathed this. I’ve bled and had my share of sufferings and defeat. But as the band OneRepublic says, "I swear, I lived!"

#Self_Reminder #LessonLearned #CountingBlessings #PracticingGratitude


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