What has inspired you lately?

Let me tell you a story.

I was on a job interview once when the VP of Products has noticed my cross-functional skill set, mentioning that I have worked with various businesses and on multiple projects.

I replied with, “Unfortunately.”
Then he asked, “Why do you say so?!”
I said, “Because, sometimes, I feel I don’t have a career path. When people ask me about my profession, I find myself perplexed to answer.”

Here’s where he highlighted something I never thought about it before. It was an unforgettable moment.
He said, “Noha, your profile can help me with any project in hand. You can help me with Research. You can help me with promoting the product. You can help me identify the pain points and build use cases relatable to the audience – besides content.”

It was the first time a manager utilizes my skills in a strategic manner. He saw my love for the fundamentals of things. He knew that I can give more than my job title entitles me to do. And most importantly, he made me believe him. He spoke my language. He read me. 😊

To remind myself that Leadership counts. It’s not about posting an achievement on social media or having a great photoshoot for a press release. It’s all about values. It’s about practicing what you preach. It’s about finding yourself and knowing what you want to be in life, apart from your job.

Are you aspiring to inspire and help people grow and flourish? Or are you in it for YOURself, YOUR career, YOUR image?

This incident has changed me and my perception of management forever. It made me look forward to having people in my life who give for the love of giving, not only take something in return. I knew the difference between people who can light up your pathway, and people who can belittle you with a simple action.

What has inspired you lately? ☺️


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