Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I Love ...

A friend of mine requested a new theme that I should add to my writings. He thinks I’m making myself old, and mentioned that I should talk about HOPE for a change. So, I’ve been searching for something that I can relate it to, and found it really hard :)

I’m not saying that I’m all pessimistic. Maybe I’m just not trying to buckle up a list of wishes that can’t happen. You see, I get so attached to something or anything I love, whether a person or even a song. Maybe that’s why most of the time I’ve managed to control my wishes; couldn't just wish too much for something because it’s 90% of the time hard to exist….

However, I’ll give it a shot :) I agree it sometimes gives you a splendid feeling to list what you like in life. However, it’s not quite nice when you start feeling sorry for yourself..

I’m not a demanding person, but I expect and appreciate simple things in life, like honesty, love, care, consideration, etc.
And I love the moonlight.. I really do.. I find it magically relaxing..
I love babies… they light up ppl’s lives..
I love music… they touch my soul..
I love comforting.. it helps us to survive..
I love my religion.. it revives me and fix my thoughts..
I love my family.. they give me sense of belonging..
I love my friends.. they make me feel I’m still alive..
I love my room.. it’s the only cozy place I can be on my own..
I love eyes.. it’s the only way that shows how happy you are..
I love hands.. they can show how tender you are..
I love hugs.. it’s all about passion..
I love flowers.. they make my day..
I love colorful outfits.. but black always feels elegant..
I love teenagers.. they remind me of experiencing everything for the first time..
I love exploring personalities.. I find it amazingly colorful..
That’s enough for now I guess :D
Stay tuned guys ;)

.. N.O.H.A ..