This is how my mind works .. LITERALLY!

I don't feel like writing about one theme today .. Just wanna spill out what i have in mind .. Thought of trying something new .. It's like writing bits and pieces of thoughts that fly away in my mind .. This is how my mind works .. Check it out :)

What's up with the mood swings??

How can a person have a mood and in a spare of a second turn into someone else??

Everything is really weird around me .. One day you are surrounded with friends and the other day you feel like you are all alone ..

I wanna feel someone's hug .. Wanna feel tenderly touched .. Why can't I just have what i need??

I'm going on 26 and I'm still treated like a 12 years old girl .. When will all this end??

Sometimes I really can't figure out what I'm thinking and why, but I just let myself go insane .. It really helps ..

Wanna go wild .. Wanna feel something I never felt before .. Wanna relax and loosen things up ..

I always dream of living by the sea ..

People can be really judgmental sometimes and it really hurts ..

I'm really seeking tenderness ..

As much as i love nights, i really hate what it does to me ..

I just wish to stop complaining and start acting .. Although i do, but it's never enough ..

Hate it when i enter this phase of non-belonging ..

Feeling so sleepy, but don't feel like it at all ..

Sometimes i feel like getting away from everyone and anyone, but then i tell myself: "How can u be more alone than you already are?!" ..

"Run Away, Run Away, Run Away" ..

.. N.O.H.A ..


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