A Sealed Promise

A promise has been made .. A fate has been written ..
A precious seal has found its way to my heart ..

He has succeeded .. Yes, he did ..
He has managed to revive my soul ..
He knew how to bring me back to life ..
And that's what he does best ..

People keep wondering why ..
They wish they had the chills he gives me ..
I'm not sad, though ..
For who has tasted eternal love, wishes the same for all ..

Mark this day forever .. It's written in our history ..
It's the day we signed our own manifesto ..
There's no turning back .. No, now is the time of the brave ..
You dream, you'll conquer .. You let in fear, you'll fail ..

My love, read these words and  repose ..
Save yourself for the one who cherishes you the most ..
Remember, don't ever forget ..
Your heart is safe here with me ..
The letters of your name are carved on mine ..
Your soul will never be alone even if I'm not around ..

.. N.O.H.A ..

*Inspired by Christina Perri - A Thousand Years


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