Wednesday, December 26, 2012

"إبتسم فإن الله يحبك" | مسابقة مبادرة "إبتسامة"

"After attending TEDxCairo 2012, I couldn't help but be amazed by Yasmine El-Shawy's talk and how she has magically managed to bring me back to life. This design is dearly special to my heart. It's not just a photo or incident I can recall and sigh, however I believe it's ALLAH (swt)'s message to me at this exact stage of my life. I've been there for a reason, and I'm so so thankful for it. I've faced a lot of problems lately, and Yasmine has managed to grant me my very own sanctuary moment, where I can mesmerize the existence of ALLAH (swt) everywhere I go. The very next day, precisely at Fajr, I woke up spreading all the stickers I gathered on my prayer carpet, capturing this photo and thinking to myself; "I love him TOO!" I've never been happier nor more grateful than I was then. I was reminded I was loved by the All Mighty ALLAH, who has never failed me one and to whom I solely trust in this world. To be able to receive such treasure has made me more determined than ever to think positive, no matter what. Can't thank you enough for this reminder, Yasmine!"

For more photos, please go to: "Ibtesama" 's FB Page.
.. N.O.H.A ..

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