2019 First Thoughts: Life is Short

I’m always late for everything… I’m late for appointments, I’m late in responses, I’m late in life.

When friends used to meet on Thursdays, I was at home trying to convince my parents to join them. When people were way ahead with their careers, I was finally starting one.

While some of the people I know managed to be in control of their emotions, I still face times when I’m an emotional wreck… hanging on by a thread.

“Focus on the quality, not the quantity,” a college professor once advised me, when I shared my frustration of not completing my translation exam on time. From that moment forward, I learned to give everything time. I knew I’ll have to live with it. I admit it slightly solved my problem. But still, I struggle with the fact that things take time to cook; especially in a world where everything and everyone are running like crazy. I find myself dynamic and fast sometimes, though – as weird as it sounds.

I know I changed. I’m not the same person I was back then. I evolved… I don’t have the same needs, but I’m pretty much the same when it comes to sincerity. In fact, I yearn for tranquility more and more by the day.

I’m not into small talks anymore. Funny ones, yes – but not shallow or meaningless.

I’m getting better. I’m learning to love myself more. I can be messy sometimes, but I’ve learned to pull myself back up.

Life is short — that I perfectly know now.

This piece is part of a challenge that will hopefully encourage me to get back to writing. Wish me luck. :)



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