I'm a living creature, u know ...

OH GOD! They simply can’t get it! ..

When I really take a look at someone, I know if I can be with him or not.. it’s really so stressful how they wanna control u all the time.. They pretend like it’s in ur hands, when it’s really not..
It’s really one of my biggest fears to marry someone I don’t want.. Why can’t they just respect your intuition ??!! .. I didn’t like him .. He wasn’t my type .. I don’t want someone to pull me back.. I want someone to set me free ppl .. SET ME FREE !

It’s so hard for me to see someone around my parents.. My mum start acting like she found a treasure walking on earth and my dad talks about nothing but himself ..
Everyday passes by I feel more and more frustrated.. I’ll never find him.. I’ll never find the one who will pull me from the atmosphere I’m living in ..
I just feel they all wanna get rid of me… I feel I’m a damn burden that pulls everyone back …
I just wish they take no for an answer.. I don’t like him and that’s it !!!

Please god help me get through this.. Please god get me out of this house.. Please god send me the one.. send me whom I wanna .. Please don’t let them force me to do something I don’t want to .. I’ve been living by their rules since I first had my breath in this life.. please don’t let pressure me more than that .. i really want someone to love.. I want someone to live my life with .. not to work for him as a servant…

They really don’t know me at all and they don’t know anything about marriage ..
They keep swinging me into their constant arguments.. It was really a disaster… !!

I’m not a puppet u know .. I’m a living soul that breathes and feels and longs to live a life that she never had !! .. A life that i've been longing for and dreaming of MY ENTIRE LIFE!!!!
.. N.O.H.A ..


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