It's blurry every where I go .. It's dark .. it's empty and it's shallow ..The disorder is eating me alive .. I keep fighting, wresliing, gaining nothing but bitterness and sadness .. There's no way out .. It's very hard this time .. Everything feels so numb, so out of life .. Crawling is the word, fatigure is the act, my mind is the place ..
This upper box of mine needs some cracking, some banging, some breaking ..
These thoughts of mine needs some elimination, enervation, starvation ..
Lots of work to do, constant headaches and stomach aches ..
Deeply falling, hardly rising and eternally confusing ..

I don't have to make any sense, I know .. Just venting is my way to go ..
Pain eats me, death awaits me .. with no one 'knowing how' to save me ..
Sorry for myself is the word, constantly crying is the act, and my mental sanctuary is the place ..

.. N.O.H.A ..


  1. Noha,

    I can't possibly relate more. I was currently about to publish such a post, but then this seemed perfect to fit my state more .. I'm so re-sharing this on my blog.

    PS: I love your blog <3

  2. I have to admit, I find it very strange when someone leaves a comment like this to what I call, "A useless piece of babbling, a.k.a crap" :)))

    I can't thank you enough, and you can't imagine how your comment has made my day!

    All I can tell you is that you have just assured me that I must keep on speaking my heart no matter what.

    Thank you endlessly!


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