If You Like It, Then You Should Put a Ring on It ;)


Hmm… speaking of the devil, "COMMITMENT" is usually the sum of all fears; the scariest action a man has to do. But, a person has to be fair, as well, because there are some men who are craving for some love and dedication in their lives. Obviously, those aren't the ones whom we will be talking about here. Let's first review the meaning of Commitment, shall we?

The What

Usually, Commitment is to be able to fully give in to the person that you love and desire. It is to be devoted and willing to love unconditionally, while having the courtesy of being responsible and living up to it. But, let's face it; that's how WOMEN see it. Men, on the other hand, think of it as some sort of entrapment. Unfortunately, it has been widely spread nowadays among their species that it is the hardest decision they will have to take through their entire lives. Then again, they're the ones who own the keys to the whole kingdom. Usually, they think that it is the toughest job ever; far more complex than climbing mountains, traveling through time and space or having dinner with President Obama for instance. It's exactly like taking the hottest girl on the block out for a day! You'll feel trapped and dazzled at first, but then you can get bored and want to instantly shoot her due to her stupidity. But still, if she's got the looks, then she's worth the trouble ;)

That's how I think men talk to themselves when they hear the word "Commitment" for the first time:

"Commitment? ... What in the world is that word? ... Who came up with this word in the first place? ... I've never heard about this word in my entire life, I swear! :| "

While that's how women usually react:

"Oh my! You're my ultimate love... You're whom I've been dying to meet through my entire life... How can you not know about commitment? ... Aren't your mum and dad committed already?"

Men reply as follows: "All I know is that they're taking turns of yelling at me. I never knew that's called Commitment!"

Funny, huh?! There used to be a time when men craved for a look or just a three words letter sent by their sole soul mates. They spent hours and hours waiting for their love to just drop by and say Hi.

The Why

You see, our domestic problems have widely grown. The policies and routine lives are growing on us, but the main issue is that we all have family conflicts. We all suffer from the lack of communication and we all do absolutely nothing about it. God only saves the ones who truly try to make things work for themselves and genuinely offer all what they have to give for the sake of peaceful reality. If you ask any guy about their relationship with their parents, they mostly answer as follows: "I don't see them that much to have a relationship that often." They tend to escape their lives and lead a totally different one on the outside. I've always believed in the saying that states: "If you really wanna know how a man will treat you, you should observe how he treats his mom." You may think I'm old fashioned, but believe me it's incredibly true. Just observe it for yourself and you'll know I'm right.

The Who

Whenever you ask a man nowadays of how he sees his future, he goes like: "Ahhh ... mmm ... of course, of course... Hey dude, wait for me!" And that's how the show ends ladies and gentlemen. Who do you think is responsible for this? OF COURSE THE WOMAN WHO ASKED; Are you kidding me??!! **Laughing Out Loud** And, the list just pops out of his head; "she's definitely complicated, ignorant, and bossy. I'll never call her again!" I usually wonder why they wanna escape having thoughts or even neglect to try having a 5 years plan for example. It's very hard to find a decent thoughtful guy who doesn't think that he's some sort of a God around here. Most of them think they're GAMDEEN AWI; fantasizing the day when they will conquer any heart of a woman and give her the privilege of being his companion. And, who's always the one to blame for any disaster? OF COURSE, THE WOMAN as well. "Why the hell do you go talk to that guy for?" (a man acts nervously) "Haven't I told you million of times to call me when you decide to go out? ... Aren't you supposed to make me better?" Oh please! For the love of God, enough having meaningless quarrels! On the other hand, try to reasonably discuss things and treat your woman like a human being, who has a brain and not just a soothing ointment that you use whenever you feel a bee's sting. It's widely known among the society of women that they have to act dumb ALL THE TIME, in order to preserve the guy she's with -- as if he's a national treasure or something!

So, don't ever think that we're endlessly lost. Believe it or not, we do know how to act and react around men. In fact, it mostly consumes as all our lives and that's because "WE'RE BORN TO DO IT!" We're specially designed to contain and embrace your existence, not to clean up your daily smelly mess.

The How

-- I'm the man of the 'Dos' & not the 'I Dos' -- Huh?! What does that even mean?! You're a man who loves action, but can never be a part of it. So, it means that you'd love to have a woman in your life to cherish, to hold … bla bla bla, but you can never get hitched. SPLENDID! So, that's how it has been working for over 5 years or more now. Whenever you talk to a guy about marriage, he simply and literary freaks out! They instantly think you're trying to trap them or something. They amazingly start changing the subject and may, suddenly, remember that he had a doctor appointment that he's missed and need to reschedule for his own health. It's like Jason has risen from the graveyard and decided to pay him a visit. I'll never forget the expression that I heard from a friend's ex-boyfriend, when he suddenly asked her to hang up the phone just because she mentioned that she could wait for him "IF" -- and I repeat "IF" -- he decided that they should get engaged. Hmm, but I think that was slightly better that the other guy who was ALREADY engaged and still wants to be with her. I was like and I quote: "Why didn't he ever think of getting engaged to you?" and she replied, quoting his words as well: "I don't know. I just never thought of you as my wife!" And what really makes you laugh is that he's totally convinced that he's not doing her any harm or to his wife-to-be. He's being honest and that's an amazing privilege in her life (In his bloody sweaty twisted dreams!).

Do us a favor and just be direct once and for all guys. If you're into having fun, just inform women up front. You'll be surprised of the outcomes and I'm not kidding. Just be open and allow us to be ourselves without all the lies and deceit that you all wish they could disappear. Moreover, if you're truly into a woman for real, highlight it and don't be afraid to just pour out what you have to say so spontaneously. Women always love a man who's protective of his feelings, but passionate as well.

The End

I hope I didn't sound offensive or anything. I know I tend to be strict when it comes to morals. And, I repeat; I'm not against ALL men and I'm not some sort of an angel either. I just think that the ignorant way of treating a woman is past tense. However, I admit that some women deserve to be treated as pets because they simply choose to act like one. To make things end up pretty smooth, I would love to express my gratitude to the manly race; they're the reason we exist and they're the ones who make our lives easier. It always feels like heaven when a man simply decides to 'yedala3 el wa7da menena shwya.' All they have to know is that we're not slow as we seem and we do deserve some respect and harmony every now and then. Simply, treat people like you want to be treated and have a healthy conversation every now and then. This saying goes out to both of you! Cheers!

Cairo Elite Magazine
November 2010

.. N.O.H.A ..


  1. Man are cranks .They are always in search of better .

  2. That was good. Enjoyed reading it.


  3. To a great extent, I believe that your words are true. It does freak most guys out to get committed eternally. Mostly because our society has taught us to embrace individualism and seek one-sided gratifications, which is rather wrong.

    One does try to break through this mainstream male-oriented direction and be a lawful person. However, there seem to be a massive number of needy little boys inside of most of the guys nowadays, including myself.

    I agree with you and I hope that guys would be able to lose sense of objectifying women and having a sexualized mindset due to the mainstream media, pornography, etc.

  4. It is always a pleasure to receive your input, Muhammad :)
    Thanks for reading.


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