This "Something is Missing" phrase has to END!

"Something is Missing!"

How many times do you recite this phrase to yourself everyday?
How many days do you wait for a miracle?
To what extent are you willing to really wait for the one?
Are you really satisfied with your life?
Have you achieved what you've always dreamed of?
Have you got the chance to actually get to know yourself?
What was your childhood dream job?
Do you practice what you preach for real?
What's the one thing you're still holding on to?
What makes you unique?
What do you really want? Not what your parents want, nor your friends.. Just YOU!

Do I need to list more questions? Did I succeed to grab your attention?!

Now please answer. For the love of God, do it! Don't stand still. Don't blame others. Just be true to yourself for once. Bring back the fire you're losing. Remind yourself of what you've always wanted. Ignite your lost flame.

Believe it or not, using your brains actually is effective like fireworks. Even though you're standing still, THERE IS HOPE. There are way worse circumstances than what you're living in. Of course, I'll hear you saying, "I need to care about myself now. Me soul needs repairing." HELL YES it does, that's why you MUST listen to other stories that yours. :)

Get your mind off of things. Search out for the different colors of life. Try not to be selfish for once and help others. Forgive! And that's an order :) You may think those tasks are tiring, but trust me when I tell you this; Only those who are enjoying this life we're living are the ones who really embrace pain.

This is not another shitty blog post, nor I'm trying to impress you. This is an attempt to remind myself, before you, that we all matter. We are born for a purpose, Don't die just yet!

Keep it simple as much as you can. You never know what you're facing next in life, you oughta be prepared to be risky. That's your only ticket to salvation.

.. N.O.H.A ..


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