Go ahead & Marry Someone!

I've heard this phrase like hundreds of times .. "Go find yourself a husband!" .. As if it's my only way out!

As if I'm supposed to simply live and breathe for that .. It's crucial I know, and It's one hell of a wish I dream to happen .. But, No! .. Allow me to say it out loud again, "NO!!!"

That's NOT my way out and it's definitely not how it is supposed to be .. I have the right to find someone who I long to live with .. I have the right to simply LIKE the person I'm doomed with .. Marriage is not about false security and running away from life .. Marriage is supposed to help you BUILD a life ..

How are you supposed to work out a relationship when you're not whole yourself? .. Apparently, most girls do this mistake .. It's right about now when they'll start calling me names, like "You're a hypocrite .. Howa enty la2ya 7ad ye3barek!" .. Actually, I don't fu**ing care whether someone does or does not!

I truly believe that I have to earn this guy, this commitment, this life path .. I have to be able to share my feelings, give what I have to give, and be better for the both of us ..

Let's just say, I do .. then, what?! .. Should I be that ordinary and accept the fact that everyone is getting married for the sake of "just to be with someone" ?! .. Am I supposed to agree on someone who calls himself a hard-worker by working as a driver somewhere abroad [ and don't forget that he has just gone to Mekkah for Haj :)) ] ? .. Is being a decent "Afandi" the right choice for a good husband? ..

I'm sorry to say this .. This is not acceptable .. I shouldn't just compromise for the sake of someone else .. He has to earn it, he has to deserve it, in fact he has to be worth living for !! ..

It's my right to have a vision .. It's my right to love and be loved .. It's my right to have children who can conquer the world .. It's my right to want what I want and disagree with anyone else .. It's my right to be a rebel (if that's what you call it) .. This, my friends, is not called feminism or women's rights blabs .. This is ABC Life! .. Anything else would be a total NERVE DAMAGE!

TO HELL with being older or missing out on getting married someday .. Stop perceiving a woman as if she's only created for the sake of breeding or a sexual figure!!! .. I FEEL, so hear me ROAAAAR !!

.. N.O.H.A ..


  1. I have the right to find someone who I long to live with .. I have the right to simply LIKE the person I'm doomed with
    those are my words I'm saying always to my self
    how did u know them
    great article and greater vision

  2. Thx Eslam!

    I'm truly glad you liked it :)

  3. i totally agree ya noha, i was facing the same problem almost, & ppl..well..screw ppl, what do ppl do that's right & that qualifies them as judges of our lives. Believe me, hang on to what u believe because it will be rewarded & u will find that one man in the world that will help u glow and bring out the best in u, who will be the exact set of qualities that u had in mind. We're not supposed to live like zombies in the world simply fulfilling what society expects of us..for heaven's sake, society itself doesn't even know what it wants or what's right or wrong anymore. Just keep doing ur thing & it will pay off believe me. Then u can stick out ur tongue to the world when ur sitting atop that glorious mountain of success. God! Am I finally glad someone thinks like me!! There still are individuals in the world after all..

    Than you for your candidness, it is so refreshing.

  4. LOL @ stick out your tongue. That's exactly what I do! hehe

    And yes honey, there ARE people who think like us. It's just all about perseverance. Unfortunately, most of them get tired easily.

    May ALLAH (swt) guides us to what's best and grant us what would ease our hearts.

    Thank YOU for the constant support. You're an angel!

  5. ok funny thing just happened, i read this post, loved it, ticked the "loved it" checkbox and was on my way down the page to say how much i loved it in a comment...and boom, i see a comment i'd wrote before!! I totally forgot that i read this particular post before, but that shows you how good it is, i read it twice each time a few months apart and both times i love it!! :D YOU GO GIRL!!

  6. You totally spoke my mind, every line you draw and every word you visualised was like an echo of my inner driven-mad thoughts! I'm really glad some other femal figure than myself shares my dwellings on Marriage w sneeno :D and actually proud to say out loud that I'm proud to be single until someday I find the right guy who comes and makes me submissively and with pleasure proud to be not single :D You go girl and I'm right with ya ;)

  7. Lulu, You're the best walahi :)
    Hope to hear more from you. You're welcome to send me any kind of feedback anytime of the day :D


  8. Thanks, Sarah!

    iLove your comment; it prevails the exact msg I wanted to deliver. Stay Strong! You'll find him someday, believe me. :) God's willing!

    Glad you liked it. Waiting for more feedback :)


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