.. My Long-Awaited Knight ..

Oh yes .. I feel safer in my own bubble .. I build walls and plan strategies to keep myself alone .. I live in a constant battle with thy self and wonder when it's gonna end ...
I'm surrounded by beasts who only dream of sucking out my blood every time they see me .. I'm the ultimate bait of satisfaction .. Some may find me weird and some may find me way too formal to handle .. But, at the end, they never succeed to break the fence .. I do all my best to push them away .. I guard my senses with everything that I've got ..

I wake up every morning with one purpose, "Defend your territory!"

I always make sure no one is close enough .. Whenever they plan to invade my premises, I scream... I yell... I present all the schemes of hatred to scare them away ..

Only the one who succeeds such test is worth dying for... is worth fighting for... is worth sticking to and longing for ...

He's my knight .. He's my all .. He's my one and only ..

.. N.O.H.A ..


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